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Engineering Manager

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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Our Partner is the world’s leading platform for integrated safety & security management. Our software supports a vast range of use cases including evacuations of major cities, counter-terrorism, national security, responses to floods, and corporate continuity/enterprise resilience. 

Manage any incident, big or small which is an integrated platform for crisis & emergency management, work safety, business continuity, & operational security.

An Engineering Manager at Our Partner is in charge of planning, prioritizing, process, timelines, commitments, performance, and resources for a pillar of engineering teams. You should assist with operations investigations, triaging, defect repair, and the development of tiny features to remove barriers and fill scheduling gaps. An Engineering Manager is in charge of their team's roadmap. They interact with other Engineering Managers and Product Management to determine team priorities and ensure that technical debt, security, maintenance, tooling, and support obligations get a seat at the roadmap table.




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Stable and Growing 🎯

The Scalers is a leader in its industry, with multiple offices across Europe and Asia.

Working for The Scalers offers you a stable and rewarding career. Our international team in Bengaluru (Indian, French, American) and our Chief Happiness Officer will ensure we have a tremendous experience together!

Neat Perks ⛱

  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • A MacBook Pro or Lenovo T490
  • Business Trips worldwide
  • Flexible timings
  • Fun activities round the year
  • Training & development
  • Freshly roasted coffee ☕️

Enhance Your Skills 🙌

At The Scalers we use the latest technologies and will always welcome your ideas to make our product better.

Our training and development programs make sure you always stay ahead of the curve and enhance your profile!